Simple Deep Life

A place for women to find their purpose and calling in the Kingdom work God has designed them to do.


As a Biblical Life Coach, I coach Christian women in leadership who are searching for “more” in respect to their relationship with the Lord and are ready to live out their purpose and calling in a simple and deep way.  

Are you feeling weary and discouraged in your leadership?  Do you feel “stuck” in your life and aren’t able to break through to a simpler and deeper walk with Jesus that will fuel your passion to do what you’re called to do?


  • Ready to invest time and resources into simplifying and deepening your walk and life?
  • Longing to understand your purpose and calling in light of God’s plan for you? 
  • Wanting to get serious about using the life God has given you to further His Kingdom? 
  • Needing someone to help you draw out and define your vision, gifts, and goals?  
  • Looking to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from the life God has created you for? 
  • Praying for transformation in yourself, your leadership, and your life?


God isn’t finished with you yet!  Those feelings of “holy discontent” are part of His work in renewing your heart and drawing you closer to Himself.  He does have a beautiful plan for your life and your leadership and this is part of the process!

It’s hard to understand your own thought patterns and habits to understand what is keeping you from walking in your God-given purpose and calling.  

God has given me a desire and gifting to help women process their own journey and feelings of “holy discontent” with regards to their purpose and calling.  As your coach, I will partner with you to move forward and understand more deeply what God’s unique design for you is, and how He has invited you to use that in furthering His Kingdom.  

I’ve been privileged to help many other women recognize destructive patterns and obstacles in their own lives and move forward to a place of growth and understanding in their identity and calling.  
God loves to restore and renew!  I am confident of this, that “He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion…” (Phil. 1:6)


If you are serious about wanting to take this step for your life and leadership and work towards a simpler and deeper understanding of your purpose and calling, click on the “Schedule” tab to request a FREE 30-minute inquiry call.  This session will help you answer the question, “Is coaching right for me?”

God has a beautiful purpose and calling for you!  I can walk alongside you and by God’s grace and truth help you to understand those things so that your life is enriched, deepened, and simplified.