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As the Lord continues to grow and expand what we do here at Simple Deep Life, our prayer is that we expand our ability to equip and disciple women in ministry in order to further the Kingdom of Christ. It’s a weighty privilege, and one that we see as both essential and lacking for those on the front lines of ministry.

In 2018, we gathered together and experienced the narrative of Scripture as a whole, watching the Lord change and transform our hearts through His Word. In 2019, we will continue this goal of getting into the Word together as women in ministry by walking through what is known as the Liturgical, or Church calendar.

If you are curious about the Liturgical calendar, what it is, and how it relates to the gospel, start here.

We will begin this year with the Advent season and continue on through the season of Epiphany (the manifestation of Christ), Lent (the temptation and death of Christ), Easter (the resurrection of Christ), and Pentecost (the Spirit of Christ). As we explore each of these Church calendar seasons, we will do so from the perspective of women who are redeemed and beloved of God, His daughters on mission to live out the gospel in our daily lives.

Each season will bring a different opportunity to learn and grow through guided Scripture study, engaging with other women in ministry, and learning from intentional teaching or discussion, led by Becky Weiss, a certified Biblical Life Coach and the founder of Simple Deep Life.

Join us in 2019 as we seek the Lord through His Word and allow the Spirit to mold and transform us into the likeness of Christ. Sisters, we are women called to a purpose and that purpose is to know and make known the God Who loves us and has made a way for us. Let’s learn together!


Simple Advent

Advent is the season of coming; Christ’s arrival in the form of a baby. Join us and rest in the simplicity and humility of this season.

This guide takes us through 5 weeks of the journey from darkness and waiting to the glorious light of the Messiah.

Merry Christmas!

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Easter - A Simple Celebration

Easter is the time when we REJOICE! Jesus has completed His mission on earth and we reflect on all that the gospel represents in our lives, the freedom that it brings, and the hope of a certain future in Christ.


Simple Epiphany

When Christ came, He made it clear that He was the Messiah, the Divine One, sent to redeem not only the people of Israel, but also the whole world! Dive into an 8-week guide that takes you through the narrative of the Old Testament as well as key passages from Psalms, Luke, and the epistles, showing clearly the person of Jesus and what that does for our lives as His disciples.


Pentecost - A Simple Remembering

After Christ’s return to heaven, after His life on earth, He gave His people a command, a mandate, a purpose to go out and do what He did. But, He didn’t leave them alone to do it in the strength of the flesh, He gave them (and us!) a gift.


Lent - a simple contemplation

Over and over in Scripture, God tells His people to remember. We are a forgetful people, often blinded to our own sin. For 40 days before the celebration of Easter, we will walk through a time of contemplation, remembrance, and intentional setting aside of our own desires to remember the suffering of Christ and our sin that made it necessary for His sacrifice.


Ordinary Time - A Simple Outlook

So, after walking through the life of Christ and watching the narrative of His life paralleled to ours in this broken world, we are faced with a choice. We can continue to do “life” as we’ve always known it, or we can lean into the strength of the Lord and step OUT in the strength of His Spirit, fully living out the new identity as redeemed daughters of the King of Kings.

For the rest of 2019, we will disciple one another with this truth. We have a purpose, a mandate, a command to live out the life of Christ in a greater way each day of our lives. But, we weren’t meant to do that alone! Let’s walk together.


The wisdom and ideas from all the other ladies was invaluable! I loved getting to know who these ladies are and praying them through their hardships and struggles. I can now see where I am spending a lot of my time and I am more aware of where God wants me in my daily life and goals and in my ministry. ~ Marcie

One word to describe the cohort would be "practical." I liked that the info wasn't just head knowledge, but practical information that was immediately applicable. It was encouraging and enjoyable, while still being challenging. It didn't include typical, rote "Sunday School" answers; you actually had to think and be challenged about what you were studying. ~ Lisa

This cohort was just what I needed. Being a new mom, pastor’s wife, run my own business and having my own ministry, I felt a lot of mom guilt. I would tune myself out during the day and just sit on my phone scrolling through social media. This cohort gave me the push I needed to see how I truly spend my day. What I believed I was doing was spending so much time on the Internet, was actually not true. I just needed to realign my focus which this group did just that. ~ Megan

This “study” was like no other study I have ever done before. It really made me aware of how I spend my time, how I need to change from focus to one of eternal perspective rather than temporal. All-in-all it was great and I am so thankful that I had this opportunity. ~ Jennifer