What inspires you?  

I don’t consider myself “artistic”, but I can admit to having a “creative” streak. When I work, I like to have instrumental music on.  Acapella music, especially when it covers pop songs, undoes me. I swoon when looking at photos of minimalist homes.  Seeing pictures and videos of the universe is something that just amazes me.  I am a lover of quotes and most of my Twitter posts are just that.  There is so much beauty in this world… and I choose to focus on that when the days seem so dark.

Here are just a few things that have spoken to my heart recently.  

{If Equip}

I’m involved in an online study which is currently teaching women to study the Bible inductively through the book of Philippians.  (IF:Equip is an equipping tool of IF:Gathering.)  What an incredible community of women from many ethnicities, denominations, and walks of life all gathered together under the unity of Jesus Christ to study the truth in God's Word.  God has been working in my heart as I dig through these truths, many of which I have “known” (head knowledge) my whole life, but of which I am just recently beginning to grasp at that deep, heart level.  If you’ve never heard of IF:Gathering and the tools they provide, stop everything you’re doing and check it out right now.  Seriously.  

{Piano Guys}

Can I just say that when I found these guys a few years ago, I was completely undone?  Their music is breathtaking and the beauty of what they do is astounding.  Just take a listen to this song.

{Forest School}

Ok, confession.  I’m an “indoor” girl.  I dislike heat, dirt, and the general effort it takes to get myself and 3 kids outside.  But, seriously, God’s hands are all over nature and there’s just something about getting out into it!  Recently, I stumbled across an organization called “Forest School for All” which had a group in my area and I just had to give it a shot.  Not only was the nature part amazing, but for the first time in my life I brushed shoulders with non-Christian women who were so much like me and I am amazed at this opportunity to build relationships and speak into those hearts.  

{For the Love}

Jen Hatmaker is one of my favorite people.  Her wit and candor are so refreshingly real and authentic.  I laugh out loud over what she shares of her life and thoroughly enjoy being one of her “EF’s” (Email Friends).  Her passion for Jesus is inspiring and her recent book, For the Love, is nothing short of miraculous.  Honestly, there were so many amazing chapters in there that I couldn’t even pick one to pinpoint.  One of my favorite quotes was, “I seek only friends who bleed and sweat and laugh and cry. Don’t fear your humanity; it is your best offering.”  

That Jen.  She so completely summarizes my heart.  

How about you?  Share with me what inspires you.  What is the one thing that no one can stop you from doing?  Listening to music?  Instantly daydreaming as you look through an art book?  Laughing out loud as you watch the antics of squirrels outside?  We all have something.  What’s yours?