Simple Deep Life is growing and we are excited to share that in June, 2018 we will be releasing our FIRST equipping course!  Later this year we will add several other courses, uniquely designed for the issues that women in ministry face.

The goal is to gather a small group of women in ministry together (virtually) in order to learn from one another while receiving coaching and equipping from Becky Weiss, a certified Biblical Life Coach.

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Healthy Relationships...

We hear so many women in ministry who are lonely, hurt, and don't know how best to connect in relationships. Join Simple Deep Life for this amazing 6-week journey and learn to develop healthy relationships based on the example of Christ. Includes 3 group coaching sessions, 2 private coaching sessions, a copy of Messy, Beautiful Friendship by Christine Hoover, resources, support, and MUCH MORE!

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Stewarding Time

So many of us are running around trying to juggle, balance, finish, start, maintain that we aren't able to stop and just BE who God designed us to be; His beloved daughters, full and satisfied in Him alone!  Join Simple Deep Life this fall for an equipping course to dig into this incredibly important topic for women in ministry.  Includes 3 group classes and optional personalized coaching for a discounted price!


Kingdom Goal Setting

Every year, we get the chance to “start over” with goals for a New Year. There is no magic to developing and implementing goals, but it CAN be strategic! As women in ministry, we are looking to align our goals with the kingdom purpose that our Jesus has for us.  Join Simple Deep Life to welcome in the New Year with expectancy and peace.


The wisdom and ideas from all the other ladies was invaluable! I loved getting to know who these ladies are and praying them through their hardships and struggles. I can now see where I am spending a lot of my time and I am more aware of where God wants me in my daily life and goals and in my ministry.                                ~ Marcie
One word to describe the cohort would be "practical." I liked that the info wasn't just head knowledge, but practical information that was immediately applicable. It was encouraging and enjoyable, while still being challenging. It didn't include typical, rote "Sunday School" answers; you actually had to think and be challenged about what you were studying.             ~ Lisa 
This cohort was just what I needed. Being a new mom, pastor’s wife, run my own business and having my own ministry, I felt a lot of mom guilt. I would tune myself out during the day and just sit on my phone scrolling through social media. This cohort gave me the push I needed to see how I truly spend my day. What I believed I was doing was spending so much time on the Internet, was actually not true. I just needed to realign my focus which this group did just that.                             ~ Megan 
This “study” was like no other study I have ever done before. It really made me aware of how I spend my time, how I need to change from focus to one of eternal perspective rather than temporal. All-in-all it was great and I am so thankful that I had this opportunity.    ~ Jennifer