My little homeschool tribe!

My little homeschool tribe!

What I offer:

As a fellow homeschool mom, I understand the constant pressure to “do it perfectly”. I’ve been all over the place with our homeschool journey of 10+ years and we’ve tried the following:

  • traditional textbook curriculum (think Abeka, BJU Press)

  • Unit studies (think Winter Promise)

  • Literature based (think Sonlight)

  • Public cyber school

  • Online private charter school

  • Unschooling

  • Charlotte Mason (both traditional and relaxed)

  • Waldorf

  • Delight-directed learning

My vision for homeschool coaching is to take the homeschooling family through a journey of looking at their approach and observe what IS working and what ISN’T working well in order to most effectively create a beautiful learning experience for their children.

We can address particular concerns, but our main approach is to:

  • Understand the learning styles of each student

  • Understand the TEACHING style of the parent(s)

  • Develop a workable plan for tweaking areas that aren’t working

  • Work to strengthen and highlight areas where we see the most growth

What about NEW homeschoolers?!

Are you just starting out?? I’d love to work with you on all of the above, but also approach your new adventure from this perspective:

  • What’s your END GOAL? We’ll work backwards to craft a great plan for this season of your homeschool life.

  • What’s your WHY? We’ll develop your homeschooling plan based on the answer to this question, NOT based on what the boxed curriculum says you should do.

Currently, I have two homeschooling packages available. Click on each one to learn more and to see pricing.

Aside from loving the opportunity to coach and mentor another homeschool mama, I have a very specific reason for offering this new service through Simple Deep Life.

Recently, our pastor and his wife announced that they were going to begin the process for their SECOND international adoption, this time from India. You can read more about their amazing story here, and I highly encourage you to get to know them a bit, as the story is incredibly inspiring.

All proceeds I receive from these homeschool coaching packages are going towards the Wilson family’s adoption fees. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve YOU and for a way to help bring this little baby home from India. God has big plans for him/her and I can’t wait to meet the newest member of the Wilson family!!

Meet the Wilson family: