Homeschool Coaching Package - 2 sessions

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Homeschool Coaching Package - 2 sessions

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This is a 2-session homeschool coaching package. Following a FREE 30 minute inquiry session, we will meet via Zoom (a free app download, or you can just dial in) for 2 separate sessions of 60 minutes each and work through the following:

Session 1 - Brainstorm

  1. Learning styles and parent teaching style

  2. Ideas of individual plans for each child

  3. What’s been working well?

  4. What dreams or goals do you want to reach towards?

Session 2 - Draft a Plan

  1. Revisit the brainstorming

  2. What’s been working well?

  3. What’s the end goal?

  4. What are the next steps?

All proceeds will be used to help fund a local family’s adoption from India. To follow the Wilson family’s journey, visit

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